We are an Australian based, multi-disciplinary, engineering consultancy, who are recognised around the world for our fresh ideas, our passion for problem solving and our success at integrating affordable sustainability. We are acutely aware of our social responsibilities as building designers & of the challenge in creating a sustainable future. We are a team of passionate professionals focused on design excellence and client service. We operate in a studio environment, with an open-book, collaborative approach to fostering enhanced design team & client communication. Our intent is to promote a ‘no surprise’ culture, minimising abortive work & maintaining relationships. We believe in the holistic, cross-discipline building engineer. Whilst we strive to be the leading minds in our individual disciplines, the success of our projects comes from enabling appreciation for, and integration of building services & ESD, into a seamless deliverable. We innovate not only through our building designs but also through a flexible business model — saving time/cost, and passing these benefits directly to our clients.

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